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There are tens of thousands of Multilevel Marketing Companies in India appearing with attractive earning opportunities. We would like to post here only the companies with sustainable and unique plans and easy for an average person to earn.

Magic Gold Multitrade Pvt Ltd [] is a new comer in the Direct Marketing field. Its concept plan is very unique and novel. There is NO binary conditions to earn. It has introduced single line (leg) plan. So naturally everyone who joins the stream are prone to earn. Chances for Failure is very very less if you join as a member in a Good Leaders' Team.

The Opportunity is from a reputed Company that has been awarded by Governmental and non- Governmental agencies and proven its genuineness. 

A person who Registers with the Company and Activates the membership with an e-pin by Paying Rs.1200 becomes an Associate and is eligible to earn.

The beauty of this plan is such that every associate (member) Earns from his up-line, down-line and from the company's revenue also.

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Friday, 2 August 2013

Mizoram Direct Marketing Ltd (MDML) Will Be Run By Life Style Marketing Co. Good News for Registered Members.

The State Government of Mizoram has officially announced that the MDML Company floated by its Principal Secretary for Industries and some other top officials, has nothing to do with the Government and the government has no partnership or any relationship with this company.

There was little dismay among those tens of thousands of members who rushed and Registered with the MDML Company's Prelaunch Registration website like: or reserve a top position and referred many leaders, who developed a network of distributors. 

But as the major Promoters of the Company by name 'Life Style Marketing Company' who are well experienced in Multi Level / Net work Marketing, entered into an MoU with the Mizoram Government some time back, are gearing up to run the business alone, in a very legitimate and customer-friendly manner, even if the Government withdraws or Cancels the MoU.

Many feel that to run a business legally, in accordance with the available laws of the land, the presence or parnership of any company is not needed, specially when the business plan, cost and quality of the product etc do not violate any government guidelines.

MDML Registered Members Can visit the Official website of Life Style Marketing:

All Can Login to their Accounts (Registered with the PrelaunchPosition Websites) soon and view / edit Profile, Check Down-lines, buy Products, activate account with e-pins, etc very soon with the SAME User Name and Password.. 

It is indeed a Good News for ALL those who wish to brighten their lives with financial abundance.The Opportunity is one and the same. The Product are of world standard quality. And the business / Product cost is affordable and reasonable.

Those who wish to Join our Power-Team and be a successful Business person in the Power-line Can Register by Clicking the below Link:

Sponsor:  4820038328  (Please copy and Paste)

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Wish You a Happy and Successful Earning...

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Mizoram Direct Marketing Ltd (MDML) is NOT Mizoram Governemnt's OWN Company: The State Goverment Disowns MDML.

There is some Latest News and Information about the much talked and awaited 'Mizoram Direct Marketing Ltd (MDML). The Government has denied the MDML Company' claims to be directly from the State Government. The Government of Mizoram also has stated that the company is hosted by the Principal Secretary (Industries) along with some other government and non-government officials and leading marketers in India.

Though this news has disappointed some Opportunity Seekers who Registered with the Company's website during the Prelaunch Period, Many experienced in the Multi-level marketing business field, feel the Business Opportunity, the Unique Business Plan, the Low Cost and High Quality Branded FMCG Products, Earning Potentiality etc of this MDML is Best and unmatched in India.

The Registered Members want the Company Directors / Organizers to proceed with the announced plan, as it is completely legitimate and Customer friendly and the business plan is the Best and Unique.

The Official Website of the Company seems to be removed from the Government's website. But the Prelaunch Registration Form is still Active:

Watch this Blog for the latest information and announcement of the company.


There is a lot of curiosity and anxiety among the people who already joined and Want to Join the Fabulous Network Marketing Business from a State Government for the first time, to know what are the Products being marketed by Mizo Direct aka MDML. 

Though it is already announced that MDML is going to be the biggest Direct Marketing Company in India, which will be marketing ALL FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Products to the people of India through its dedicated (and growing...) Direct Distributors, without engaging any middle men like, Super Stockists, stockists, Whole-sale  re-sale agents etc.

The Company is Planning to Share its Profits with its direct distributors the huge amount saved from not appointing any celebrities who act in brand advertisements as brand ambassadors.

The Company has already made tie-ups with many leading international brands like, Pepe Jeans, Coffee Day, Titan etc and talks are in progress with many global FMCG giants.

The Company is also going to establish India Shoppe Malls across the Country where Products like:

*Health Care / Wellness

*Lifestyle Products

*Home Care 

*Personal Care Products (Body care/beaaty care)

*Agricultural Products etc.

Over all, everything needed for an individual / family is directly marketed by Mizo Direct Ltd.

 If You Have Not Registered yet, JOIN the Stream immediately:


Important: After Registration, Please Validate Your 
                     E-Mail id by Clicking the link sent by the company.
                     If You don't find the link in your inbox, 
                     please check your 'spam folder' 

To Know more about the Company Details, Please Click:

(Presently Under Maintenance,  will be available shortly)
To Know more about the Opportunity, Products, Business Plan, BVs, Product cost, Activation etc. Please Visit this Link:
(Click the Link and Down Load)

If you have any queries, you are welcome to add below: 


Monday, 29 July 2013

Mizoram Direct Marketing Limited (MDML) Company Officially Launched in Kolkata in July 2013.

Mizo Direct Marketing Ltd, Launching in Kolkata
According to reports received from reliable MLM sources, 'Mizoram Direct Marketing Limited' (MDML), the MLM company which is sponsored by the State Government of Mizoram has officially launched its Company MDML at Kolkata in the third week of July 2013. The Launching was attended by Senior IAS officials of the Government, a big number of Industrialists of India and a some Top and experienced Net work marketing Leaders.

The Principal Secretary of Industries Department of the Government of Mizoram, Mr. Pachuau Lallawn Sanga is said to be appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of  MDML.

Though it is a historical incident, which is keenly observed and watched by Global Multi-level Marketing giants, leading Business News Channels and print and electronic media except the internet, did not give any coverage to the Mega Launching.

Ever since the Official launching of the Company, the Mizoram Government  MDML website is also not functioning and it is said that it is under going maintenance and up-gradation...!

Please Visit The Official Mizoram Government's Direct Marketing (MLM) Website:

How ever the MLM Lovers and Network Leaders from the nook and corners of the country are rushing to grab this once-in-a-life-time-opportunity and to Register a spot at the top of this Opportunity / Business in the power-line to avail huge power-leg benefits in future.

Those who have not yet Registered Yet, Can Enter the Life changing Opportunity immediately for FREE and build your own Network communities. 

How to Register for MDML ...? Click the Link below (Opens on a New Window) and enter your details. For joining MDML, one should have an 'E-MAIL ID'...!

Note: 1. After Successful Registration, You have to validate your e-mail   
                   account. to Validate Your E-Mail, Click the LINK sent by the company.
             If you do not see any link in your inbox, check your 'spam box'.

         2. After Validating your account, you can refer (Join) others using your
             own link. your Link will be like this:


          3. After the Official Launch of the business, (expected soon) this  
              Prelaunch website may be replaced by other means to recruit new

Please watch this Blog for time-to-time, latest updates, information, support.
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Mizoram Direct Marketing Limited (MDML) Government Sponsored MLM Launched in India for the First Time.

For the first time in India, a State Government in the Indian Union has taken a bold step to launch a Multi Level / Net Work Marketing  Business Opportunity for finding a Solution for in-employment and to help the average Indian Citizens to earn huge income for life by Directly Marketing FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Products.

The decision of the Mizoram Government to launch a well planned MLM Business with some unique business and payment plans to its distributors, at a time when the Central government is strongly considering to bring the multi-level Marketing Companies and Opportunities in India under a unified umbrella, is note worthy...!

It is considered as a Great Boon to those millions of People in India who have learnt the Power of Multi Level / Net Work Marketing to Earn Huge Money that cannot be earned by an Ordinary Person individually by doing any business.

Those Who are Eager to GRAB this Amazing Opportunity and want a TOP POSITION Can Click The Link Below to Register Now and Build up OWN Teams in the Power Line:

To Know More About the Business Plan / Products / Income / Start -up Cost etc Click the Below Link:

To gather more information about the company and the Government, Please Check:

Please Check this Blog for updated and Latest Information.

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